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day out off Pittwater/ broken bay


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decided that enough was enough and needed to get out for a fish, so called up a mate on Sunday and told him o get to my place for an early start Monday. 


went and started the boat, checked everything was all good, only to find that the oil level on the motor (115 optimax) was sitting at about 1/4 full....damn, do I risk it or not I decided to call my mate back and say lets start later as I needed to get oil first thing Monday just to be safe. 


eventually got to a 3 lettered shop, grabbed some oil, and we were on our way to the ramp. 


decided to take a look out through the heads to see if it was worthwhile, which it was, so we powered out to the 40m mark where I have had luck on the fatties before, first drop up comes a decent 55cm fish- ok todays looking good...... then we sat around for 15mins for nothing. we moved out to 50 m, first drop bang,  another good 50cm model....then nothin for 15 mins. ok lets go to 60m....first drop, bang another one around the same size...then nothing. ok lets try moving around a bit....found a spot that looked fishy, first drop, bang another 50cm model. 


ok we have enough for a feed, lets troll some lures around, couldn't find any decent blue water, everything was green and murky, so we came in for the day, stopped off in Pittwater to clean the fish and have a bite to eat while we watched the jet skis makes fools of themselves and make life difficult for everyone around them. 


came back to the ramps for an uneventful retrieve and home to wash the boat.


all in all a good day out with a mate, talking crap, and enjoying the water....and a feed for us both. 


till next time. 

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45 minutes ago, motiondave said:

Nice stuff. What set up.do you use to get lines down to those depths? Just a sinker? Or a downrigger. 

yeah just a snapper sinker on a paternoster single hook rig. 

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