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rusty reel bearings,

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hello raiders ,took a cheap Kmart/bigw  reel apart that i was given and found all the bearings (one side sealed the other side of the bearing open/exposed)  with a mixture of rust and grease/oil in it , how do i clean them and what should i use in them after they are cleaned  to get some  use out of the reel , also what can i use to remove grease  other then degreaser , thank you all.

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As said above, clean the bearings out in some kerosene and give them a bit of a spin.

Being cheap reels, the bearings probably aren't worth replacing, but if they're rusty you can remove it by soaking the them in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Plenty of info on the web regarding this.

After soaking give them another dip in the kerosene to remove the vinegar/baking soda mix.

A bit of oil or grease on the bearings and you should be good to go, unless they're totally shot.

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use a 20:1 mix of water and molasses. We use it to remove rust when restoring vintage cars.  Soak for a week, wash thoroughly, dry ASAP and regrease/oil IMMEDIATELY... or you can watch the rust grow.  Seriously!

Acetic acid will do too... if you can buy it...    I guess thats the vinegar bit mentioned previously..

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