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Chasing kings and Flatties and got a big surprise.


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Touching base with Zoran (ZMK1962) we had planned catching up at Long reef after we both were going to try flattie grounds. As it turned out Zoran went north and did really well, we stayed south and got a big surprise. Buddy Peter and I hit the ramp at 5.30 (only 2 trailer in the car park) with the plan to get a feed of Flatties and kings. The old adage “when wind from West, bed is best” was looking like being prophetic, as the bait was really hard and it took us about 2 hours to get 20 baits.

We tried a few spots in North Harbour and boated some nice Snapper and Trevally before heading off to a few offshore reefs and then to Longie. The conditions calmed with wind dropping and sun burning off the cold weather. We were chaperoned by sea eagles, dolphins and Albatross and put out some live baits and flesh baits on 60lb gear - hoping for a big Kingie. Both Peter and I got Kingies in the boat (5 in total) and we were smoked by big kings. Late in the day my “Big King Stick”, ( 80lb ) went off and with the drag cranked up full, I kept loosing line. After about10 mins I pulled up a 5’  shark - pretty sure it was a thresher. I’ve caught Bronzies, Blue, Hammer heads, Bull small great whites and Whaler sharks (and heaps of PortJacksons and Wobbegongs), but never a Thresher.

Seems every time I ring a fellow Raider when on the water, they don’t want to talk and have to hang up to catch fish, (won’t steal Zoran’s  thunder, I’m sure he will post some picks of his meritorious catch).

Overall - a great day in Gods great Creation.



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Another fun day on the water Bob. Any luck on the Flatties? Would love to have some in my freezer, definitely one of my favourite table fish. May have to catch up with you again for an assault on them. bn

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Dave, do Grey nurse have a tail that long? I’ve SCUBA dived with Grey Nurse quite a bit, but I know a Thresher would be a very unusual capture close to Sydney. Very open to the direction of those that know more than me (most people)

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6 hours ago, Pickles said:

Dave I think you were right (definitely NOT a Thresher), I did a bit of “Googling” and found a great site on Shark ID and Grey Nurse, much more likely.

DPI site on Shark ID:


Thanks @Pickles I have added that PDF into articles

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