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Bate Bay


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Headed out early this morning to Bate Bay, wind blowing from the south (not as forecast), not too strong but it made for a sloppy wind chop. A slow drift which was ideal.

Tried a few different spots until I found some fish. The biggest was the first one up, looked good, but then the size dropped off quickly so that every second one was released as undersized. Not big flatties, but no complaints about flattie fillets.

Plenty of birds flying about but no fish splashes to be seen. Sammy the seal was having a sunbake on the surface, all flippers up in the air, with seagulls dive bombing him and squawking away but he was not concerned.


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3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great haul as usual. Did you fix the Ancient thongs ?


No, beyond repair. Another pair of half used thongs are now promoted to fishing thongs. 😂

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