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Recommended rod for offshore kingfish


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Hi.what is the recommended rod weight for boat fishing for kingfish. Cold be using live or dead baits. Realistically, the likely target would be 900-1m fish at 60 metres deep.



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Of course it comes down to budget but I like the gIass rods for the heavier fishing & I have a few of Ugly Stik Bluewater's that are mostly dedicated King rods & for the coin they are great value & when you can get them on sale even better.

I recon this one would be the go-

USBW-SP 701H 15-24kg 25-120g


I also think if you like to fish a bit lighter that this one would also do the job & they way they are built I recon even if you got only something bigger it would still handle it no probs!

USBWGB-SP 691MH 8-15kg 20-100g


For a jigging rod Id recommend a Daiwa Monster mesh, they will stop pretty much anything :thumbup:

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I reckon the best action and “feel” is a Daiwa demon blood 64CJ. My favourite rod for live baiting or jigging for kings . However if you want a rod that will stop “anything” the Monster Mesh is outstanding for the money

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Thanks for the replies guys but the question was about rod weight or rating, not brand or model - I have all the rods I need and am not looking to buy another one. 

Perhaps I should rephrase it by asking should I take a 15 or a 24kg? 

I’ve been out on a few charter trips for this type of fishing but foolishly never bothered to look at the weight of the rod I was handed. I can’t even remember what they felt like.

im probably going to pair it with a Shimano TLD 20 with 65lb braid. 

My 15kg rods are labelled something like 10-15 or 8-15 kg. Will they be adequate. The 24kg will have more stopping power but it weighty and I don’t want to feel like I’m fishing with a lamppost all day if I don’t have to.

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