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Gday fellow raiders, 


I’m going to hit chippo lakes or surrounding areas in the coming weeks to chase my first saltwater bass and fingers crossed EP, I’m located in campbelltown and fish the upper George’s regularly and I drive straight past chippo it’s only 25 minutes from home and I’ve heard and seen some good fish pulled out of there, I plan on figuring out the system to hopefully fish it regularly as I don’t get much time on the water. I know the fish are currently spawning up so I’m guessing they’ll be all schooling up towards the end of the system 


if anyone has any tips or headers I am all ears, I’ll be fishing out of a kayak also so if anyone has any spots to launch from as well that’ll be a pointer in the right direction. 


SWFisho, Tight lines 🤙🏽 

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The water quality is terrible, but you won’t be eating the fish so not something you will have to worry about.

You can get to the weir via new ridge rd, there’s a turn off to the left just before you go over the bridge, it will take you down and under to the right where the weir is.

Easy 20 meter walk to the weir. Well it used to be, haven’t been down there for about 15 years.

I’d suggest going down there with someone, there can be some shady characters around.

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I might launch from a ramp in chippo and try my luck with the tides and eddies I’m heading out Monday morning but I might hit the woronora im guessing it’ll be the quietest area giving its long weekend I’ll keep everyone updated 

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