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Headed out to Maianbar flats this morning. Pushed the boat in at 5.15am, and was back at base just after 7.15am.

Arrived at mid-tide and pumped some nippers. The first whiting were just under sized specimens, but as the tide rose and the current slowed, some better ones turned up. Also a bream in the mix. The bites just stopped, nothing at all, so with one last nipper, I motored to a weed patch and lobbed it beside the weeds. The flattie grabbed the nipper on the drop, and that was it, time to head home. Not big whiting like recent times, but still nice fillets.

While I was cleaning the fish, I threw in some of the fish frames and hooked up a piece of whiting scrap off a fillet, and threw it near the frames. A bream grabbed it, about the same length as the other bream but a higher body through the mid section. When bream are feeding on something like fish frames, where they rip and tear into them, they lose some caution and grab whatever comes their way. 



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2 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice bag as usual Yowie, that's an interesting fact about the Bream. I will have to keep that in mind for next time.

I have seen the bigger bream grab a piece of fish from a smaller bream. Usually during daylight hours in shallow water, the bream will be a little bit cautious, however, they lose caution with plenty of food in the water and it's first in that gets the food.

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6 minutes ago, BigHorse said:

Great catch's @Yowie!

just out of interest what how many pounds was your leader and mainline? Thanks

I use 6 pound mono straight through, no leader, a size 2 longshank with a size O ball sinker running onto the hook.

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