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LBG on 8lb

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As in Lake Burley Griffen. Went for a flick targeting reddies and yelllowbelly. Plan A was to slow roll soft plastics over the top of weedbeds. No luck. Plan B was crossing my fingers and covering water in the hope of finding a school of redfin. The wind was up so I tied on a blade to increase casting distance. I find when prospecting like this you get a bit of a rhythm going. Eventually I reached a rockwall dropping into deeper water. The change in rhythm as you pause and wait for the lure to sink comes as a bit shock. 10 seconds feels like about 10 minutes. The mind wonders a bit. Close to the shore there is a lot of rock and a bit of timber so it is a challenge bringing the blade up close to the structure without snagging. I must have been doing something right as I get a hit about 3m from my feet. It is too heavy for a redfin and I immediately realise I'm probably going to loose the fish. Whatever it is it is not the smartest fish in the lake as it keeps running out into deeper water. Maybe a carp. Eventually I play it to my feet and it is a cod and I'm suddenly more interested in landing it. The water is about 1m below my feet and I haven't got a net or glove or fish grips. Lying on my stomach I can just reach the thing. Far from best practice in terms of fish handling but that fish's mouth and hide are in a lot better condition than my thumb.


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Music to my ears GG. Like many Cod anglers experience, the problems only start when you hook one, and have to wonder how you're going to land it. I can just picture you reaching to the extent of your abilities to get the old thumb in it's gob.

Top job anyway, thanks for sharing your tale. bn

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