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Rushcutters school day again


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Had the day off today so thought I’d head out in search of another feed. Didn’t have the car so caught the train to Edgecliff and walked over to Rushcutters bay for a fish.

This time I made the executive decision to only fish lures, so I would need to carry less stuff. Instead of all my other tackle I brought a soft cooler pack, with some ice packs and my lunch.

Arrived on the bottom of the tide and there were lots of fish about. First cast I hooked something but it rubbed me off the weeds. Then in the corner of my eye I spotted the biggest silver trev I have ever seen, grubbing about in the shallows…it easily could have been 60cm, maybe even bigger.

Given the sun was high and the water was clear, I knew I had bugger all chance of getting it to take a lure - and even less chance of landing it - but I just had to have a go!

Unstrap the 4lb outfit with a tiny ajiing lure rigged on 3lb leader. The thought was that the light line would give me a better chance. Cast the lure about, but no interest from big Trev. But I spied some good whiting chasing the lure so persist for a bit. Fish along the whole back retaining wall, for a whole lot of small snapper, which all go back. One even had the nerve to take my lure when I was dealing with a wind knot!


Somehow an hour goes by and it’s almost time to go, and it’s looking like a donut session. At the same time my little 1.5 inch grub is bitten off the hook, so I unstrap my other rod out and cast my trusty bass minnow towards the marina. After about 20 mins I hook up and swam a 39cm flatty into the net, which will supplement tonight’s dinner nicely. Put him straight onto the ice.


Unfortunately after that it was REALLY time to go home, lest I miss school pickup and get in trouble!

Oh yeah, and still no bream! I dropped a small one the other morning though! I still would have counted it if I landed it!

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