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Broken Bay (very) wide

Newport Nuffy

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As with many, I haven’t had as much opportunity to get out lately mainly due to weather, and those times I have looking for decent size kings haven’t produced much. So my guide (aka my 17 year old son who doesn’t contribute money to fuel) checked all the rip charts and was certain the marlin would be running in the warmer water that is moving down from the north. 

So, I mortgaged the house and fuelled up the Boston Whaler 250 Outrage and headed east out of Barrenjoey Heads about 6am for about 20 miles or so to a depth of 80 to 90 fathoms, found warmer water at about 24 degrees, set the spread across three Tiagras and a Talica, teasers out, sunscreen on and then we headed north at about 7 knots in search of birds, bait balls and hopefully marlin. We found some floating debris early, trolled past it a few times and saw hundreds of baby dolphin fish chasing the lures but none big enough to set a hook. Encouraging signs, but we move on heading further north. 

Long story (day) short, we drove around the ocean for 6 or 7 hours, caught one random dolly (which was consumed that night with a mango salsa - awesome!) and two very random kingfish but no elusive marlin. Came back via the Sydney north FADs where this time caught a couple of undersized dolly’s but the FADs look too shiny and new to have enough growth to attract the bigger fish. 

Whilst no marlin, it was an incredible day on the ocean with amazing encounters with dolphins throughout (my video is too big to post here). Will try again after  Christmas as it is quite cathartic setting the auto pilot and driving around in the sea always anticipating that stripey or blue smashing in to the lure spread when all hell will break loose. We heard several other boats out same day who went south and were able to mark marlin on the sounder but nothing was caught. 

Good luck to all who head out over the holidays!


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