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Tried a new stream today  wow  best days trouting i have ever had  met a chap fom newcastle  canadian born  jeff  great bloke  he fished fly and i used spincast  with a mix of hardbods and soft plastics  jeff switched from dry to wooly buggers  we walked the river and shared runs pools and bubble lines   i caugh more than 25 fish for the day and lost more  jeff bout the same  when you can stand and watch 8 fish feeding non stop  its special   fish from 30 to 45 cm  seen one jump that would have been 55 or more    down side i caught 2 redfin   didnt know they were in this river  all in all  great day    ps  i had to leave with mechanical woes  when we were moving to a new spot  if anyone knows jeff  i would like to get in touch with him20211229_113706_010.thumb.jpg.51430200239b35be9d021c6053c8848c.jpg

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Hey Rick how ya doing mate? Fabulous report...almost one from Agatha Christie "does anybody know this phantom of the river". An absolute cracker of a day spent with a like minded soul, doing what you enjoy best. Some great fish, responding to fly and lure at the same time...does it get any better?

Hope you get to find out how to get in touch with Jeff. HAPPY NEW YEAR mate, bn

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20 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

I got in touch with the chap i fished with  his names jason not jeff  my bad  terrible with names   planning another trip soon

So pleased that you managed to get in touch Rick. Hope you have a great time and post some more worthwhile adventure tales and photos. HNY mate, have to try to catch up when I head up to dirvin at Port Macquarie. Keep you posted. bn

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