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A few hits and misses


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Collected some nice poddies yesterday ready for a morning assault on the Georges, figured the Hacking would be busy. Launched about 6:30 and went looking for some squid but came up empty. Headed up river and dropped livies down in my deep water spots for not much action except a few runs. On the the peak of the runout I hit a deep water spot up river and had a hit on one rod while the drift was pretty fast. As I picked up the rod my other rod went off on a screaming run and I had left the Minn Kota on so I went into a loop, ending up busting off one fish and the other was well and truly reefed with shredded leader coming back on board. By now I had 4 good hits that normally would have resulted in a decent flatty or jew.

When the going gets tough the tough go to the bait shop and I pick up some tube worms🤪 I hit the flats around Towra just as the nor' easter hit and drifted around for a couple of 40+  flatties, one on a poddie and one on a worm, a bream in the high 30s and finished off with a 38cm whiting that smashed a worm at a drift speed of a few knots. Good to get a feed after a long morning and nothing like a packed boat ramp to greet me on return, bozos just about everywhere today.

Will be off the water for a few days while the cowboys do their thing and looking forward to catching the fireworks in the city tomorrow night from my mate's office floor!

Happy new year to all!

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16 hours ago, Yowie said:

Nice feed of fish there Rob, the usual suspects for the flats. Shame about the bust offs earlier on.

Thanks Dave, it was a frustrating morning out but always good to get a feed to save the day:)

16 hours ago, Larkin said:

hate when that happens. Two rods out, fishing alone and both get hit at the same time… 

Still picked up a good feed 👍 

Kicking myself for handling the situation as I did, too complacent but will learn for next time:)

16 hours ago, Pickles said:

Nice mixed bag Jenno’ - a great day on the water.

(Have you tried nippers instead of worms (fun to collect and cheaper too). 

The tides weren't right for nippers today but they normally are my go to livies:)

4 hours ago, Mutt said:

Cracking report as always Rob- thanks for sharing! Shame about the bust offs! 

Bust offs just make me keener to get back out there!

4 hours ago, Rebel said:

Good haul. Well done.

Cheers Rebel!

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17 hours ago, Larkin said:

hate when that happens. Two rods out, fishing alone and both get hit at the same time… 


Many years ago, mate and I fishing one arvo in Port Hacking. 3 handlines each and the 6 lines get hit at the same time. Result 6 jewies (and a bit of a tangle)

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