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Ulladulla - 29 December 2021


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Weather on Seabreeze looked spot on for a bottom bash off Ulladulla so packed the godson and mate and headed out with a promise to the family we’d get a feed.

As soon as we got out of the harbour, NE wind a lot stronger than predicted so changed tact and fished in 40m off the lighthouse for some flathead.

Nailed 7 blue spots pretty quickly despite the ‘washing machine’ conditions and the boat drifting quickly.

Also picked up a red spot whiting - first time ever I’ve caught one of these offshore!

We all started feeling a little green so came in after an hour of so but with 8 fish and 16 fillets we had more than enough.

While we all have our favourite eating fish- not much better than fresh blue spot flathead fillets (although the kids said the whiting was the best), some local sashimi and oysters and a quality pale ale with the sun setting and two families fed….

Tight lines everyone!




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47 minutes ago, noelm said:

Lots of Red Spot Whiting around this time of the year, don't know where they go to, but in a month or two, they will be gone.

edit.....and they are good eating!

Thanks! I have fished offshore for 35 years and never caught a whiting! Always caught off the beach or river… tasted a treat though….


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