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Fishing report - Avalon Beach, night session


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My brother in law and I hit the northern corner of Avalon this evening to try and avoid that stiff northeast wind. It was still a bit blowy there, but not unbearable.

We arrived at nearly 20:00hrs as the day folk were almost done leaving for the day. (N.B. it would have been impossible to wet a line earlier due to the number of people using the beach).

We set-up two outfits each, one light and one heavy. I am not 100% on his exact gear specs, both are egg beaters, one armed with heavy line and one lighter. I used a 12' beach rod with my Penn eggbeater and 20lb line leading to a 40lb trace armed with two 7/0 Gamakatsu hooks to hold the squid bait. My other outfit was my Luderick rod (11') with a centerpin Alvey and 6lb main line running to a 12lb trace and 1/0 baitholder hook.

Baits used were beach worms (preserved) on the lighter outfits and whole squid (about 200mm long head and body only) on the heavier gear.

He literally caught all the good fish in the first 20 minutes of us setting up.

2 x Yellowfin Bream (one was 32cm)

2 x Sand Whiting (one was 35cm) - note the big one had an open wound on its belly, possibly a small shark attack during the fight with my brother in law. The wound was semi circular, similar to a shark mouth and then he ended up hooking up to the small whaler.....

1 x Australian Salmon (~45cm)

He then caught a small Common Stingaree (a kind of stingray) and a juvenile whaler shark of sorts, not quite sure of exact species. I'll send the query through to a couple of ichthyologists I know.

I did pick up a Fiddler Ray, which was released. Same as the shark and stingaree.

Overall it was a great evening with super action for 20 minutes, then nothing for an hour and 40.

Note, there was a bit of washed in weed in the northern beach corner.


Stay safe and happy fishing...






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