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Gday raiders,

headed out this morning to try for some kings.
Picked up some slimies and yakkas on my way out.

No wind, although the swell was a lot larger than predicted. Most around 2m but a few 3m… Some really big waves breaking over the bommie.

Slow trolled a livie and landed one undersized  at 55cm - first one for the new year. Did a few more passes for nothing.

Decided to head back in, but filled up the esky with more baitfish to take home and salt first.


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20 hours ago, Yowie said:

A bit of fun at that size.

Some of the waves are probably being directed from the cyclone to the north-east of N.Z.

I had noticed the day before some large waves breaking on the bommie. 
at least it wasn’t like a washing machine - water was still, just large swells.

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16 hours ago, jenno64 said:

Nice work Larkin

any squid out there?

I gave it a little try inshore before heading out - only 15 mins but nothing, water was quite murky in the hacking. On the way back I gave it another go, got hit by a decent sized one approx 30cm hood as I was grabbing the net, it’s tentacle broke off.

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3 hours ago, Pickles said:

Great report - whatever the size Kingies are fun and release really well to grow bigger and have more fun

Thanks pickles

using gama circle hooks, so a nice n easy release. 
just got to get onto it’s bigger siblings next time.

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