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Cooks River (night)

Mike Sydney

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I got down to Illawarra rd bridge just before 9pm, about an hour after “high” tide though it was a particularly low tide this evening topping at 1.2m. Up the Cooks this ends up being quite shallow at the edges with the waterline receding from the bank leaving a foot or so of mudflat.

After snagging out a couple of soft plastics under the bridge in my first two casts - both requiring new leader knots -  I switched lures to the Zerek Live Shrimp which is a pre-rigged weedless plastic. 

The tide was running out pretty quickly and tonight the fish were in the middle of the river, which was new as I usually find them on the edges.

Ignoring the bridge after the snags I had a very successful 30 minutes fishing the middle, with three bream and a little flatty landed, and another two missed hook sets.




Not a bad result, though disaster struck as I threw back the final bream - I chucked it over the bank into the river but there was no splash…..the poor girl was lying in the mud with the water edge a foot away. Well out of my reach unless I got muddy boots, but having been in it before retrieving a lure I know it sinks up to the knees. 

I tied on a treble in the hope of fouling her back to land but it wouldn’t catch and she didn’t make it. I feel terrible about it, only a fish but I sure wanted a nice release. 

On another note, earlier in the day I popped by Tempe station and though you can’t see it in the picture, there were bream in this shallow drain water this side of the shadow line. They were hiding behind a brick or some debris and ‘strafing’ out to gobble whatever was still flowing out the drain. 

edit - meant this for Fishing Reports, not chat

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