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Lane cove 20/1/2022


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Got to the spot at about 6pm near Greenwich, got some live nippers and crabs for bait from the rocks and chucked out some fresh squid and Tuna chunks for jewfish and shark. Put a live nipper on 8 lbs fluro leader about 1m under a float with 20 lbs braid on a snapper rod. Put a live crab on a 8 lbs leader with a size 1 hook and a splitshot sinker. Caught a bream about 20cm on the live nipper, my mate hooked a couple of bream on the crabs and I got a 60 cm snapper on the bream rod which was an awesome fight, was caught on a small cube of Tina which is now my favorite bait. 


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21 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Bit of fun, good stuff. Well done, a 60cm snapper on a light rod would be a nice fight.

Definitely was, was very hard to control the fish though, would have love to have a bit heavier just so I could pull it out of the pylons easier 

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20 hours ago, Dan1979 said:

A 60cm snapper in the harbour, its a big snapper! Good work.


Goes to show how good the fishing is in Sydney, and how the water quality has dramatically improved.



Definitely supprised, I caught my last pb in the harbour at 30cm.

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2 hours ago, maccapacca said:

Is it that easy getting nippers and crabs for bait? And for bread and butter fish are they decent? 

Yeah there quite easy, you need at least 1 glove though, just lift up some rocks and stuff in the shore and just grab them.

I kinda sent my friend under these ledges (he's very small so he fitted pretty easily) came out with about 20 crabs and a bunch of nippers. 

They work great, but I've been having more success with chunks of tuna, on Friday caught a little tailor within a few mins off berowera waters walk way, we were shark fishing and decided to try for some other stuff while we were waiting for our water to heat up. My mate was using prawns, pippies, squid, yakka, slimy and he literally got no bites.

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