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Kingfish Rod Advice - Live Yakkas, Land Based.


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Hey guys after some advice on a kingie set up for around 300ish (Rod & Reel)

Will be used land based (wharfs, harbour) with live yakkas.


I already have 300m of 50lb braid just after something to put it on.


Been recommended a baitrunner so far would appricated other peoples recommendation.

Thanks in advance 


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Look at something in the pe5 range

Dawia: they feel great 

saltist hyper can't go wrong, very common to see them in the harbour 




penn: i quite like the regiment and ocean assasin, have to be some of my favorite rods. 

ocean assasin 


out of all of these id be going the first - saltist hyper, second - ocean assasin, third - tcurve 

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1 hour ago, Pickles said:

@slothparade- great advice and agree completely, but not for total price of $300.

I well remember my dad quoting me  “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Thanks. Take a look at the 2020 saltist hyper, $230. 

Id say just wait for some sales 

If you want a bit cheaper you can go the saltist blue water around the $120 mark. 

If you don't mind second hand, take a look at a saltist Nero or a bait runner oc for a reel and just wait around and a very cheap saltist hyper will come. Seems them for $150. Will be $250 in total 

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