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More exploring this time the Gwydir


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With the recent success fishing the Namoi, Amy and I were keen to get out for an overnighter, we came up with a plan to try another new area this time the Gwydir river. 

The evolving weather forcast looked a bit crappy but we decided to do it as it was our only fishing option.

We had found a new spot on the Gwydir river below Copeton thanks to a conversation with a NPWS ranger some months ago. The river was running a bit high from discharge from the dam and the rain was unpleasant but we'd come this far.

It was a tough launch and conditions were far from ideal with really hard current. Amy soon came up with a plan to wedge herself in the branches and fan casts out


The fish were quiet but the river definetly looked the goods


I casted prome snag after prime snag for no result, then on a small tree out in the main current I got nailed by a solid yellabelly which didn't connect. With that morale boost I kept the casts firing and started to get a few follws from yellas, then after no ides hoe many casts on a protruding snag a hit finally connects, Amy was entertained watching me try a subdue a cod in crazy current 


Not the longest cod but in incredibly good condition. Inspired we kept the casts going, thecrain even settled a bit


There was plenty of life especially jumping carp, I was getting a few more hits the key was finding a small tree with current ripping past it. Putting a cast on a very small tree in that scenario my lure was monstered on the drop again the current made fir a fun fight


Another nice cod I gave him a quick measure, 55cm. Shortly after I was destroyed by a presumed xos yellabelly that I definitely intend yo go back and have another go at.

Being wet and cold we pulled the pin and spent the night at copeton 


It was spectacular as always


Although we didn't catch any fish there tye amount of life was incredible we saw literally 100's of eel tailed catties after dark.

The trip home we fished a different section of the Gwydir but the god just didn't want to play.

We'll definetly be heading out there again when the conditions improve

We used 3/8oz chatterbaits with a 3 inch paddletail 

Cheers for reading


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