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Port Stephens - Third trip and finally a decent fish!

The Rev

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Hi Fellow Raiders,

I went out yesterday (Friday), accompanied by @Scratchie for a gentleman’s hour flick of soft plastics hunting flathead.  Sadly the water conditions in the main areas of Port Stephens had deteriorated even further since the previous fish as the heavy rain water continues to flow into the bay from the surrounding areas. All areas fished had very brown dirty water.  Driving over to pick up Scratchie I had a quick flick in the Myall River as I was running early and had already picked up one small flathead (see photos below). As I arrived at Soldiers Point Boat ramp, we bumped into a fisherman coming in at 9:30am at Soldiers Point boat ramp with 3 nice snapper up to 60cm caught inside the bay on live baits so were feeling hopeful as we set out.

At our first spot after a few casts I managed to hook a good fish and with the help of the net landed a 58cm dusky flathead, which I was very happy with. Dinner sorted for my wife who loves eating flatties!  Sadly - after another 3 hours of new spots and hundreds of casts, the only other fish caught was a Grinner, caught by Scratchie!

After dropping Scratchie off, I had another flick on the way home in the Myall river (I am staying in Hawkes Nest), and hooked what I thought was another good flathead - sadly when it came to the surface, it was the biggest puffer fish I have ever caught.  Not the PB I was after today.

My consolation from the day was that the previous day I had bumped into a professional angler as I took my wife for trip over to Nelson Bay for lunch. He was in a big boat with lots of sponsors stickers on it and was filming a fishing show that day with three anglers on board (Guesty if you know the show.) They (the three anglers), had fished for 10 hours flicking soft plastics for 0 fish!!!  So that did make me feel better with the flathead I caught 😀

Both flathead were caught on a white 5” jerk shad.

I am hoping to get out for one last trip at the beginning of next week and will report in if we catch anything.

Cheers (and a big thanks to @Scratchie for coming on board and sharing local knowledge)

The Rev



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It was a pleasure to meet you Rev! 
A damn shame that the water was so putrid. Normally March is the best time of year to fish up here. 
Great to see you get a good flatty though and you came away with a few spots to try next time your in the area. Travel safe mate! 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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