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Lake Macquarie - Tips needed

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Hi all,

I will be spending a week at a resort on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie over Easter. The place has a jetty which I am hoping to fish off. 

I am unfamiliar with the fishing in Lake Macquarie. Species, Time of the year, tides, etc, give me all you info you have.

I have light gear(2-4KG) so won't be targeting anything too big. 

Kind regards,


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I had a bit of fun chasing the whiting and pike on the flats around the corner from the Swansea RSL (Black Neds Bay I think it was called). I also recommend the RSL for lunch, by the way! Unfortunately I've only ever passed through the area quickly, but it is a known area that's good for fishing.

In Swansea channel, the current really races. You'll need to fish accordingly, or on the turn of the tides.

There are some good articles on Lake Macquarie - just follow @mrsswordfisherman's links.

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