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Sun up in the Riverina

big Neil

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Good morning Raiders. For those of you who seldom see sun up, nor have ever seen one west of the divide, here are a few photos from this morning. The view from my wheel (in the studio) across to the east is often magnificent in the early hours. If nothing else these should brighten up the recent weeks of wet weather you coastal folks have endured.IMG_3860rs.jpg.3832cdf24d409eba0be510789c384ba1.jpg







Cheers, bn

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What a inspiring start to the day, great photos Neil.

We've got some great weather at the moment up here and a Full moon last night, I was outside a bit last night and looking up at it and thought how wonderful it was ....... and free to see.

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Some great looking photos. The early fishos will see those shots, those with gentleman hours won't  🤣  unless they view your photos BN.

During our various travels around this country, the scenery is amazing to see. Mountains, flat plains, deserts, lakes, oceans, landscapes with no vegetation during drought then next time covered in colour after the rains.

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19 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

beautiful shots mate, I'll be seeing the sun rise for the next few days unfortunately because of night shift  

You're doing a very valuable service to the community Dave...never forget that mate. bn

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