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Long Reef - kingies & The Heads - Trevally


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Been laid up for a few days and not able to get out 😞, but Aidan rang and we planned on today as Aidan working Mon / Tuesday -A Colleague “Hutch” txt and said family away and was I going fishing during the week, so he joined us also. 
We set out from Roseville - straight to bait grounds & filled up with tiny Yakkas in record time. We headed straight to Long reef, with a stop off at Mugs, but nothing happening. Longie was a different story. We sounded up some bait fish, burleyed up and started landing Kingies, after a dozen, with biggest going 63, I decided to head to Blue fish, then back to the heads to bag something decent.

It was a donut day on keeper kings but the heads (north head) produced 8 Trevally between 35-45, 3 keeper flatties (biggest 57), 3 good tailor, a flounder, 2big bream (41 &43 cm) and a small 90cm hammerhead. 

The weather was great but wind picked up at 10 (26-40kph), but almost no swell and sunny all day.

God was good (always) and we all got a mixed bag for tea




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