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Bate bay Tailor


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Perfect condition this morning!!  Went out early to troll for some bonito or the odd King. I sounded a tonne of bait off shark island, Threw out a rapala laser pro and started trolling. Within 15 mins I had 6 good looking fat tailor all between 40 and 48cm. There was so many marking on the sounder however I had a feed sorted and left them biting.. back in early to fly through the glass conditions on the hacking. 

A few surfers out and I had sounded a massive mark on the screen.. hope Bruce left them alone.

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A heap of tailor busting up around sandshoes when I headed out yesterday. Quite a few around at the moment.

Spoke to a cray diver a few weeks back at the ramp who told me that he’s seen some big units over the years that frequent jibbon and bate bay. I saw a large grey dorsal break surface 10 meters away from me 6 months ago - fishing about 200m off the bommie.

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