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Big chain store - no love


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Anyone else no longer receiving birthday vouchers or the occasional random loyalty voucher from a certain big chain tackle store that shall not be named?

I made a complaint a couple of years back after being overcharged for some expensive sunglasses that were supposed to be at sale price, and I wonder if I’ve been back listed? I also rarely shop there without some kind of voucher as an incentive so wonder if they’ve picked up on my scent.

Anyone else had similar experience?

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Come to think of it I haven’t had one for a while but they do keep pestering me to review a recent purchase 🤬

Now that these chain stores have destroyed the small tackle shops they will probably stop all the promotions and put the prices up - after all where else will you go ?

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I didn’t think it was just me. Unfortunately in my case these little incentives and loyalty offers where what got me in store. I find that their stock is rarely updated, and I basically know their items by heart, so don’t find myself killing half an hour browsing there like I would my local tackle stores.

I have also noticed their prices going up, and their “reduced” or “members only” price in lures is now what the pre-discounted price was before. So they’re no longer willing to take a hit on their profit margin.

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