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Snapper On Plastics - 15/1/06 - Port Macquarie


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Hey guys,

Hit a couple of in-close reefs of port macquarie this morning with a mate hoping to connect with a few pinkies on plastics. As pete and i cruised through the bar, a sense of anticipation slowly crept upon me and i was beginning to think we were in a for a good day. I wasn't far off the mark - the day was GREAT!

We arrived at our first destination at 7am and Pete was already into a pan sized snapper! Minutes later, i was still tying my leader and plastic and Pete got NAILED - this was no pan sized fish he said, well over legal! :1fishing1:


Finally into the water, i let my plastic sink amongst the depths and managing to pull a consistent amount of seargent baker. Pete and i had began to lose hope when on my next cast the plastic was nailed big time - whilst still on its way to the bottom! Line peeled furiously off my open spool as i flicked the bail arm over and stuck the hook firmly in its gob. I looked over at Pete as if to say - this is no seargent mate!

My little bream outfit was really being put through its paces with half the rod frequently being underwater for most of the fight as i struggled to get leverage on the fish. A couple of minutes passed and i eventually won the tug o' war wth this nice like 2-3kg red. My first snapper on plastics and a top fish at that!


After a few dances around the boat we got back into things and within 5 minutes i was onto another solid fish! This fish had no where no near as much gusto as his older brother but still pulled the scales down to 1.5kg

After the fourth fish between us, things went quiet :05: and we decided to hit a few other reefs further out to no avail. At about 10 30 we headed in very content boys - both achieving out PB and in my case - a first snapper on plastics.

Overall, a great way to spend the morning in great company - what more can a man ask for. Looking forward to a mid week session next week - getting out on the spot a bit earlier this time, hopefully smashing today's PB's.



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Well done on the snapper mate :thumbup: They are great eating size fish too. Good luck for your next session :biggrin2:

Cheers Ken, you bet they are! I had the big one to myself yesterday on the barbecue - it was one of the nicest feeds of fish ive ever had. Stuffed it with a heap of assorted vegetables and spices and wrapped in foil. Ten minmutes each side and it was done, the soft white flesh was just peeling off!

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That's awesome.....well done boys :thumbup:

What depth were you fishing and what plastics were you using?

Hi Mate,

Depth was around the 20-25metre mark. Pete scored both of his fish on ecogear squids whilst i pulled both of mine on a 5" berkley jerk shad in some power penny colour i think (similiar to an opaque pumkinseed)



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I just got back from a 2 week family holiday in Port Macquarie and had a poxy time trying to fish the beaches and different spots around Lake Cathie. The red weed made it near impossible. The only success I had was a few barely legal bream and flatty as well as an estuary cod of about 40cm from under the main bridge at Lake Cathie.

Nice work with the snapper though Loomy. I just wish the conditions were better and I reckon I would have come home with a few stories.

Mate i had so much sympathy for the holidaymakers in the region over the christmas period. The red weed was the worst ive seen it for some years and made fishing in the whole region near impossible!

I had a fish near the entrance last week for whiting and every cast you would inevitably get massive clumps of it on your line. :1badmood::1badmood: The only consolation was a couple of bream and lizards on plastics right at the top of the entrance almost near the beach. Thankfully the red weed has cleared out the lake now and the usual run of big elbow slapping whiting should come on very shortly! Great shame as the lake can really turn on some great fishing around this time of year.

Where abouts did you stay in port Telco?

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Great fish there loomy. Well done on both the first and the PB. :thumbup:

I know the pain that is caused the dreaded red weed. I spent a week at Treachery camp with a mate a few years back. Every day we'd trek down to the beach to fish, and every day we'd be confronted with line choking weed! :ranting2: So we spent a few quality days on the :beersmile:. Would have been nice to get one day of fishing though.



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Me and Pete both live in Port, actually a small coastal town just south of it - Lake Cathie. If your ever up here again let me know and we will hook up for a fish.

Hi Loomy,

Thanks for the offer. I holiday up in Port for a couple of weeks each year in early Jan. Have been to Lake Cathie a couple of times but only got small flatties on the plastics. Usually I throw plastics and HBs around the flats on the Hastings and do OK but this year the red weed made things impossible, even as far up as Blackman's Point. Hopefully next year will be better. Will send a PM before I come up and maybe we can get together for a session.

Anyone know where the red weed comes from?

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