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Spreading the kingfish bug


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After recent success on rats in the bay, a few mates who’d never caught a kingfish wanted to get out and catch some, so after abit of late planning today was the day. Perfect conditions, with no wind and a mostly sunny morning made for a wonderful morning in the bay. 
dropped my mates boat of at foreshore at 4.40am, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and made our way to point molineaux. On arrival there was one other boat so we got a spot and sat back. I already had lives I caught on Friday evening and 9 fresh squid also caught on Friday evening, I also had 20 litres of pilchard oil to make sure there’d be fish. My role for the day was to spread the kingfish virus, vaccinated or not.

Rigged all the rods up as no one else knew how to tie good knots and even if they did I didn’t trust them. after however long it took me to tie 4 rods up I poked my head up and there was about 10 boats all around us and it was still dark. My mate caught a 33cm bream on pillie cubes while we were preparing. 

6am rolls around and my mates rod has a king Playing with his bait so after a sharp strike and a short fight later a 58cm came on bored, the fish tangled with my line so I spent the next 5 mins re tying instead of untangling. First king for him. 
after new baits in the water and rerigged rods I get hit and catch my 1st of the day which was about 50 followed by my other mate who caught one at the same time, which was also his first ever king which was about 50cm aswell. 
the bite went quiet for a moment so i poured more pillie juice in and we all catch another king each which were all around the 50-55 mark. 

charter boat besides us caught a couple aswell which surely meant happy clients, but besides that didn’t notice any other boats hook up. 

the bite went quiet by 8am so we sat around for another hour and a bit and headed in by 9.30. The live bait went untouched so they were all released.


only one pic as I was busy netting, untangling, rerigging and unhooking. The action came and went & all fish were caught within about 45 minutes.



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5 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Good stuff, nice to give some friends a go.

Well done, I have been onto a few squid as well lately. Seems they are around.

cheer mate, good to see youve gotten a few squid! they've been around in plague portions 

3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Top report.

Well done.

cheers rebel.

3 hours ago, 61 crusher said:

Great report & good on you for working hard to pass on the kingy addiction to your mates 😎

cheers, now onto bigger & better ones

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