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More investigation of some new areas

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Just got back from an early start on the Murrumbidgee River, where I went downstream for a change. Those who have noticed a big change in my reports will be aware that the river may as well be on another planet. I can't believe the changes since the floods of 2022. There are substantially more snags and the fish (all species) are in excellent condition. It's like moving to another town and starting afresh with where things are. One thing which is still the same is the "bite window". Right on 10am I got bites on both rods at the same time. Prior to and after the going was very slow. Nevertheless, I managed to lose countless rigs on the multitude of new snags. I managed a very healthy Trout Cod 0f 35 cms and a Murray Cod of 53cms. Pity it wasn't a bit bigger as I wanted one to take home for a feed. Both of these fish were caught on running sinker rig down to the hook and cheese bait. Managed to clean out a heap of Carp once the bite window had passed (all dispatched). Here are some photos of the downstream area...

Small Trout Cod


Murray Cod


Some new areas downstream






More information gathering next week.


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