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The trip of a lifetime - amazon part 2

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Day 2 we were eager and back into it


Another early start we hit some areas again looking for peacocks and ot didn't take Amy long


A solid yellow to get her day going,

And of course didn't settke for 1


these bigger peacocks had seroiys attitude and stamina thet even jump

the bicudas pestered me I landed around 10 although I shouldn't complain they were great sport

The aim of the day was to catch a payara despite my best efforts I couldn't turn a trick the pirahnas were willing though


to rescue us Amy managed to boat a small payara


They are incredibly difficult fish to keep hooked with soft mouths, love to jump and just nasty attitude.

After lunch sensing our (my) frustration our guidectook us to chase some more peacocks again we had a hot bite


Catching plenty of lukanani


Amy got greedy and caught 2 at once


Day 2 was definetly Amy's day

We even got a pirahna that had recently eaten a porcupine


Thats a quill in it's face

We went back to payara, I landed a coupke of peacocks amonst the pirahnas



But couldn't boat a payara for the life of me, I even jumped off a beast beside the boat, frustration really set in, the pirahnas wre destroying indestructible lures feeling low the amazon did something incredible


A harpy eagke appeared and sat for photos it wasn't until our guide explained how rare they are and how rarely he even sees them that I unserstood the significance of the sighting.

Of course when a pirahna cut my braid vosting me another big payara frustration returned but then I realise how could I be angry in such an incredible place.


Day 3 we headed down river and mixed it up by starting out fishing with fruit for pacu


I started out with a red pacu


Followed by a silver pacu

And to complete the trifecta a red hook pacu


Amy also managed a red pacu


The change of pace was exactly what we needed the fishing involved drifting a flicking very sour fruit and hanging on for dear life.

The pace soon changed with back to lure casting surface lures looking for arowana, it was a little slow but we had quite a few miss hits but a bit peaceful 

Working my 85mm walk the dog it suddenly gets erupted by a payara somehow the hooks stuck and to my disbelief it was boated not long after


A pink tailed payara apparently smaller and rarer than the regular silver payara they still have nasty teeth though


Not long after a mega pirahna took a liking to my stick bait and massacred it, anything shiny = pirahna

Changing to a halco roosta popper I kept the surface action happening  Amy was having a tough arvo feeling unwell (thankyou turtle curry) and took a rsst break on the floor of the boat but felt better when a spider monkey put on quite a display in the trees

I then got slammed by a much bigger payara this thing really went hard on my lightest set up but again unexpectedly I managed to boat it 


These things are a real beast, 

Then shortly after I finally hooked into an arowana one of my absolute dream fish from the amazon it ran me into timber but we managed to get it out 


Absolutely chuffed, luck was definetly on my side for day 3, we finished with some peacocks to finish off day 3

We were definetly racking up the species


To be continued......

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You will most likely find life fishing back home a bit drab for a while. After an adventure like this re-adjustment will be a challenge. No doubt you will put this trip into the memory banks and re-acquaint yourselves with the local environment. Many thanks for the pictures of these amazing species.




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