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Super Mario’s Kingie adventure


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New ‘Raider Mario ( @Raymar) and I teed up a Kingfish super session today. We headed to the live bait grounds at George’s Corner (around from George’s Head) inside Obelisk bay and filled up with Yakkas pretty quickly. Because the weather was so good, and prediction of a southerly and rain / thunderstorms around lunchtime, we decided to head out to the Sydney FADS and see if any Mahi Mahi and Kingies under the bouys. 
When we arrived, there were already some boats on the FAD, so we headed to Wave Rider and boated 4 nice Dollie’s, but all 55-57 cm, so they went back to grow to legal by next week (fastest growing fish in the sea).

We tried all the reefs and wrecks in and around Long Reef for a donut 😣 on Kingies. This season has been so very unpredictable for seriola species (Kingies, Sampson fish and Amberjack) with very warm water and lots of rain. This happened in the mid 1990’s and was followed by a good couple of years in the harbour after the lean years (a bit like Pharaoh’s dream of the years of plenty followed by 7 lean years).

We tried a drift for Flatties at the 70m mark and then in close which is often very successful - but not today.

It was great to spend time on the water with new ‘Raider @Raymar - pity we didn’t bring a feed home (I guess we could always cook up the pilchards 🤪)




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Half the fun of fishing is getting out there and having a go. You guys managed to do that and I'm sure you gave it your best shot. The bad days are necessary for us to enjoy the good ones when they eventuate. It's great that you have a memory bank of details relevant to an entire history of fishing in certain areas at particular times. Helps with coming to terms with ordinary days when you know that a good day is probably just around the corner.

Cheers, bn

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