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Sussex inlet

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Gday raiders,

Down south for Easter and decided to hit up some of the creeks surrounding Sussex inlet. Trolled in around 1-2m of water for a few flathead. The one shown is 43, also got a 47. After reaching the upper reaches of the creek my mate and I casted some plastics and hardbodies into the snags resulting in the bream and trevally (Id for the Trev please). Also had a massive bream run me into some snags, saw him eat the lure and he just ran straight back into the snags and hooks pulled. 

Happy Easter to all


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21 minutes ago, Larkin said:

You always seem to find a decent flatty or two down there on holidays. Nice Catch 👍

can’t beat the good old straw hat - it’s what I use out on the water too.

Thanks Larkin, it’s a flathead paradise down here. Some friends have been catching 60+ flatties off the beach and I saw a massive jewfish carcass on the beach. They must be around 

9 minutes ago, Yowie said:

A few nice fish there young fella.

Not an expert on trevs, but the big eye looks like a Big Eye Trevally.

Thanks Yowie.

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13 hours ago, jenno64 said:

Great stuff Isaac!

trolling and casting giving you some wins!!

Thanks mate, I have had a fair bit of success doing it.

12 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Great fishing.

Thank you 

2 hours ago, Green Hornet said:

Good stuff Isaac and great idea to get up the creeks, away from the Easter crowds.

There’s been plenty of good size jews coming off the local beaches lately.

Thanks Pete, I had a few whole squid in my freezer from a week ago and forgot to bring them down!! I had a plan to target Jews and I can’t believe I forgot the main ingredient

2 minutes ago, Rebel said:

Top story.

Great photos.

Well done.

Thank you 

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