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Lightest, Cheapest, No Rot Casting Deck Build


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Hi everyone, Just thought I'd share how I built my casting deck with the lightest, cheapest and no rot material.

I went to a caravan manufacturer and asked for their door and window cut outs from their composite (Fiberglass skin and foam core) walls of the vans they build. They normally throw these out so they gave it to me for free.

I got a couple of solar panel alloy mounting rails and bought myself some stainless roofing screws and Sikaflex to mount the panels to the rails and seal the joins. It turned out quite well.

The material is a bit slippery so I at first sprayed on non slip coating, but then placed tube matting on top.

If you're needing a DIY casting deck build or replacement, most caravan/RV manufacturers are using this material now, so maybe look for one close by to you and ask them.

The material is does not rot, quite strong but light. It is also very buoyant - never hurts to have more floating stuff attached to the boat 🤣 

I videoed the assembly here if you want more details: 


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24 minutes ago, big Neil said:

How satisfying that would be to do the installation yourself? Thanks for sharing the video with us, bn

I do like the feeling of doing it myself. I need to develop my “finishing” skills though so things look really professional 😀

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