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My first topwater flattie

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Went down to Tarban creek for a quick sesh. Incoming tide is my favourite time to fish and started with some soft plastics. Unfortunately the wind picked up and was blowing towards me so decided to switch to topwater.

 Tired on a Scumdog instead of my usual go to sugapen.

 The occasional slurp and miss by fish was keeping my interested.

 Suddenly I got a good hit and using 6lb leader, had my drag on the lighter side not wanting you lose a lure. After a few good runs I didn’t see any silver flashes so knew I had flattie.  
I’ve got an elcheapo net and have learnt if you catch a fish using twin trebles and let it thrash around in the net you’re never be able to untangle the hooks. So as soon as the fish was on shore I dumped it out of the net.

 Quick measure and release 


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