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Squid lure king fish


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Hi guys, I was browsing through a major tackle retailer when I came across this lure.

<Savage Swim Squid>

How would this lure be used from.shore based for kingies ir jewfish??



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31 minutes ago, slowjigger said:

Have a look at the Chasebait 3D squid. They appear more realistic and I have had success with them.

How would you use them though and hook size jighead?

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Looks like they come with a hook , not sure if they are hollow or solid lure but if I were to use one it would be a simple sinker onto the top of the lure ( Texas rig sort of thing ) for kings I would start at the top of the water column and let it sink deeper each cast - action is a simple rod lift  ,drop the rod tip and wind in slack line , pause , rod lift etc, etc  . For Mulloway start of by letting it sink to the bottom - same action . I would prefer something like the TT hidden weight hook if I could get one the right size for the lure as it would help to keep the lure horizontal as it sinks . Funny thing is the retailer says they sell an accessory kit but damned if I could find it . I would almost be tempted to snell up a double hook rig and fish them like a dead whole squid ( top hook in the top of the tube ,lower hook through the head between the eyes )  except I would still be imparting the action as above - you would want to use hooks with no offset though so it dousing spin in the water .

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