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Curl Curl Rocks with the Neighbours Friday.


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Hi All,

School hoidays nearly over, so the boys wanted to try something else.

Arrived after Sunrise. Cool weather. No Invaders.

Set up three rods & away we went.

First up one Bonito. Then we caught four more.

I caught a nice Snapper ( My puppy will be happy )

Just about to leave & my rod was nearly pulled out of my hands. The reel was off the planet. At first I thought it was a Shark.

It was Groper. These fish are as tough as Kingies.

Went 38cm. Released for another day.

Bait was fresh squid & lures.

I had another new rod, Dawia Crossfire Surf 12ft  7-15KG. On special at the moment. Perfomed really well for a budget rod.

Headed to the Newport Arms for breakfast. The boys had never seen anthing like the Arms. They had a great morniing.


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Good mixed bag Rebel. While reading, I was wondering what bait you’d catch bonito, snapper and groper on. Squid makes sense.

Well done educating the boys by taking them to the pub on their school holidays as well. There’s some things in life they just can’t learn from their mother.

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  • mrsswordfisherman changed the title to Curl Curl Rocks with the Neighbours Friday.

@Green Hornet As I  said the boys had never seen a place like the Arms.

In the 1960's I was taken there. It was a log cabin.

You would sit outside on a winters night with a fire going. Great days.

Somebody didn't like the place & they burnt the cabin to the ground.

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@Larkin& @Yowie  The puppy is a five year old Cocker Spaniel. This is our sixth one. This one is different. She is very smart & evil.

When I come home from fishing, she knows. Watches me put the fish in the fridge, then lays in front of the fridge till dinner time.


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