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Heavy estuary set up


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Looking for a new set up for lure fishing for kings from a boat in botany bay. Hopefully you can help me make a decision as I've got analysis paralysis.

Originally had a Samaki zing 7-15lb rod with a stradic 4000 which I loved to use. The only issues were I managed to get salt water into the stradic so it was slightly noisy on the retrieve. Then, entirely by user error, I also managed to snap the zing whilst casting too heavy lures in Broome on a trip (probably double the recommended weight just had a brain fart and didn't think about it - won't be making that mistake again! Also, not a size of lure I'm likely to use back in Sydney).

I replaced it the broken zing with a penn conflict that could handle some heavier lures but didn't have the same whip and wasn't as accurate casting. The penn managed to fall out of the rod holder near Bundeena last week so now I'm in the market for something new.

I'm looking at c. $500 on a combo but slightly flexible if I need to be. I would like something that can cast well, can handle kingfish (from a boat), entirely for lures. Ideally up to 50g but the vast majority of times lures would be 40 and below. I saw someone recently using a daiwa combo and they were getting more distance than I land based using the stradic/penn conflict combo. Is there a holy grail rod that is great for distance casting, can handle 15-50g lures and a reel that is slightly more water sealed than the stradic?

Currently considering reels:

Daiwa td black mq 4000

Stradic 4000


Samaki zing

Daiwa td black supercasta

Daiwa saltist (although this will break the budget)

Thank you for any advice you can give!




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I have a Dawia Supercasta. Top rod.

Also have a Penn regiment series 1 Bullet proof.

Have a look at Penn reels. They are lot better than the current Shimanos.( My Opinion )


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First of all - good luck with your choices.

I can only add that "we" have broken half a dozen Zings - I still love them but....

I replaced one used for snapper plastics with an Atomic Arrowz 12-25lb and cannot speak a bad word of them (and it has not broken - yet)

I fished a Penn Slammer 4000 and penn rod combo out of the river once it would have been under water for maybe a week. Hosed it off, oiled the roller and it hasn't stopped working.


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Went all black everything. Probably fell for the branding more than anything, think Daiwa puts more effort into that side of things than anyone else at the moment.

Daiwa TD Black 4000 & Daiwa Supercasta. Will report back after they arrive!.

Thanks for the help!

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