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Live report, 2 zander landing.


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Just came to pier. Change rod/reel and fixed things in car. 1th cast, stay and line broke.

Fixed new leader, 1th cast, zander +50cm.

2th cast, zander 45cm.


Then 20min, no even bite. Just now raining snd i have thin trousers, wait in car and and warming fingers.


This is Big river, and river start under bridge. Now is lot water, and this spot have 5-8m water, quite strong stream, but wind made waves to stream. I use 14g head, 3/0 hook.




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After rain, 2 cast and line broke bottom. Change spare gears, and couple of cast, bite near pier but not hooked. New shot cast and fish on, pike this time, but i sayd "welcome" and use net. Pike stomach was allready full roachs, so over eating is dangerous.

I did clean fishes, and just came home for smoking 2 zanders. Boys leave to Saija's parents cabin and i give smoked fishes to there.

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