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Curl Curl Rocks Sunrise Friday.


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We arrived around 7am

Nice & cool.

We caught six Bonitos between us. 

I caught two nice snapper around 47cm.

Went quite for a while.

Landed two Gropers around 39cm ( released ) These fish really test my gear.

I always take two rods. One for lures & the other one for bait.

My mates are bait guys, so they don't agree with me.

Off to the Newport Arms for breakfast. Top hamburgers.

I was wearing my Newport  Arms jumper. You reckon that didn't cause a stir.

The jumpers were released 30 years ago by the Newport Arms.

Today they are a sacred.


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Great work. Reddies around that size produce good sized fillets, and make really good eating. Much better on the plate than groper.

Nothing wrong with bait fishing. 🤣 

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