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Fly fishing for trout in the Blue Mountains

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Earlier this week I had an opportunity to spend a day fly fishing for trout in the Blue Mountains. I'd heard the rivers had been fishing well this season but I didn't get my hopes up because I've had my fair share of donuts trying to catch trout on fly in streams.

Turns out the reports I'd heard were spot on - there were plenty of rainbows willing to take both surface flies and nymphs. I fished a dry dropper rig with a grasshopper imitation on top and a size 14 nymph underneath.

The scenery was beautiful and the action was non-stop. Here's a short video of the highlights if you're interested:



Tight lines


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Quality video of something that far too few people get to experience. Beautiful scenery, skillful angling, and Trout in a co-operative mood. You are obviously very comfortable with the fly rod and the sub-surface footage is always a plus to any quality video presentation. Very well done, keep up the good work and sharing your experiences.

Cheers, bn

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