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PB Sydney Harbour Flatty

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Hi Raiders,
My 13yo and I planned an early morning start out on the harbour, however the thick fog delayed the departure. Based on my success with squid at Lady Bay last weekend, we headed straight there. We covered a lot of ground using orange, Bambi and white jigs. There was a lot of debris in the water and we didn’t get a bite. We headed around to Camp Cove but also nothing, then around to Double Bay and still doughnuts. 
We then made our way round to the weed beds between Middle Head and George’s Head. We got a small arrow here and that was all. At least we had one that we would downrig later.
On the way to our kingy spot, we checked out the wreck at Clark Island, this spot usually produces for us. My son dropped down a small fresh frozen squid, only about a 10cm hood. It went down in a half pilly rig on a 1/0 hook. As we drifted over the wreck, he was hit pretty hard and he set the hook really well. It didn’t fight hard for the first 20 aeconds, then it kicked into gear and looked like a rat king the way it was taking line and head shaking. He yelled with joy when he got a glimpse of it, “it’s a croc”. I nervously netted it otherwise I wouldn’t have lived it down. The flathead went 73cm, so we gladly returned it so it could keep breeding. Joe was stoked with his PB. 
After this excitement we went to our Kingy spot, it was marking kings, so we dropped the down rigger to 6m and after 3 passes, he was on. Unfortunately I went 20lbs on the leader and it busted us off.
Great day with my son and a pb flattie for him. 
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