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Bate Bay


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Headed out with my fishing mate this arvo. As we were heading down river, the southerly puffed up before we even reached Bate Bay.

Motored south of the bombie. A bit of wind chop, but fortunately the drift was not fast. Tried 3 drifts in different spots as the fish were scattered - bugger all bites on 1 drift, little spikies only on another drift, then 4 quick flatties on the 3rd drift plus the flounder. Enough so anchored over a reef and fished past sundown into darkness.

Not much over the reef, just reef rubbish for a while, then a few tailor showed up on dark. That was enough for a feed, the wind was cool, the boat bouncing a bit so headed home.

The flounder at 32cm, biggest flattie at 43cm and biggest tailor at 42cm.

Several whales spotted here and there, some breaching, and some just tail slapping. Also heard a few penguins squawking near sundown, so they are still about. These are the Little Penguins.


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1 hour ago, Larkin said:

Top catch mate! - for some reason I never get any flounders out there.

The whales have started their migration - plenty of them frolicking around atm.

Thank you, happy with a few feeds.

Mate was happy with the flounder, not a common catch, but usually a better size than up river, sometimes around the 35cm mark.

1 hour ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice stuff Yowie, good feed.

Didn't know penguins came around Sydney.

Thank you.

There are always penguins around Sydney, usually hear them more than see them, around sundown is the best time as they call to each other to see where their mates are. On one occasion, 2 swam near my boat, so I fed them cut up pieces of flattie fillet for several minutes, then they swam away.

39 minutes ago, Rebel said:

Top haul.

Nice flounder.

Well done.

Thank you. Flounder are a bonus, and top of the fish for the table.

37 minutes ago, jenno64 said:

Nice feed Dave!

I headed out in the arvo too and the southerly came up earlier than expected😫

Thanks Rob. The wind puffed in early, but did not increase the drift much at all.

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