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Trip to Weipa

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Myself and two mates recently got back from a week guided fishing up in Weipa.  The guides knew the waters like the back of their hands, and did they deliver with the list of species caught, and the number of fish.  It was a trip of a lifetime with Weipa offering a variety of options from fishing the local estuaries, coastal rivers, and the blue water.   Weipa is easily one of the best fishing destinations in Australia.

 All I can say if you get a chance and are looking for that once in a lifetime experience, Weipa is your destination….

The photo below best sums up the trip and fishing in Weipa.  In two hours from this one spot, we pulled 9 threadfin salmon, two barramundi over 80cm and a blue salmon with a few bust offs in between.  And that is only one of the many memorable sessions.



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Glad you had an enjoyable, and successful trip to Weipa. What's involved in getting there from Sydney? What sort of accommodation did you use? A few people on here have done houseboat-type trips but didn't have fishing guides. Shame that your photos are missing, but a worthwhile report nonetheless.

Cheers, bn

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