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5' jerkshad 4 inch paddle tail weight options


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Much depends on the terrain and current you are fishing in. Have a look at Shroom videos on YouTube and you will learn a lot about soft plastics fishing.

In simple terms always fish as light a jighead as you can. The best results occur when you are fishing the bottom third of the water column. So it's important to know when your soft plastic is on the bottom. Watch your line as it sinks and when it goes slack and sits limp on the surface your soft plastic will be on the bottom. There are lots of different retrieves that work but don't be hasty to get the plastic back to the rod. Fish pick up movement sometimes from some distance and will come over to see what's happening. Usually they will hit the soft plastic on the drop, but not always. Try to keep the line to the plastic tight most of the time when retrieving.

In answer to your question I would say 1/4oz would be plenty heavy for most land-based estuary/harbour fishing, but try to fish as light as you can.

Good luck, bn

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From reading your report elsewhere regarding salmon, tailor and kings, I assume you’re talking about midwater fishing and the two replies from slothparade and big Neil above are on the money. 
You could go a little heavier if the current or wind is strong, but just aim to go for something that gives you the casting distance and depth you need to get your lure in the zone.  
The size plastics you mention are also good for targeting flathead down on the bottom and in that case 1/4 to 3/8 are good weights to start with.

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