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Busted by sambo


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So one of my days off so went fishing decided to go to clifton gardens to have a peek before I went to explore taylors bay

Stayed way longer then I liked as salon and kingfish were busting up but couldn't get near front spot for action.

Then went to taylors bay. One sambo got unhooked while other snapped line at leader. I only bought light gear and left medium gear in car due to not expecting anything and just was there to suss out the spot and ended up chasing more then what I bargain for thinking it was tailor

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26 minutes ago, Little_Flatty said:

Hey, At least you got to hear a screaming drag a couple of times! Like music to our ears 😎

I probably need some advice on heavier jerk shad retrieves if I were to use 5 inch shads effectively against them on my medium gear. I am most comfortable on light

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