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Arvo Squid


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Headed outside the Hacking for a quick squid bash this afternoon. Tried to collect some yakkas to soak a live but no luck. Conditions were very pleasant and I jagged a beast of a green eye on the first cast. Second cast another smaller model but a nice eating size. I kept them alive in my live bait tank and kept the pump running which overflowed into the hull. I started up the motor to find I was dragging my arse in the water with probably a couple of hundred litres.  Hit the bilge pump and it took 10 minutes to drain! I’ll have to adjust the drain outlet in my tank or I might go under one day!

Stopped off to soak a couple of unweighted baits in Burraneer Bay but no action apart IMG_3204.thumb.jpeg.338c6811d2867b15085a96e0aca4bdc0.jpegfrom pickers. Out of the water by 6 and picked up pizzas for dinner….calamari to follow later in the weekend. IMG_3205.thumb.jpeg.b8e515a4bfb13e7229eedb2c89742b64.jpeg

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On 6/10/2023 at 8:54 PM, Yowie said:

Very nice, a good feed there Rob.

All happened in the first 5 minutes! Cleaned and ready for a bbq tomorrow 🙏🏻

22 hours ago, Larkin said:

Nice sized squid! 👍

A few big ones around at the moment - good fun to catch at that size!

Thanks Chris

good sized compared to summer. Looking to target them more now they are spawning 👌

14 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Lucky you realised the overflow was going into the hull.

Yep, usually top up the bait tank every 15 minutes but I left the pump on to keep the squid alive as I had no ice with me, lesson learned😜

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