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Sydney Harbour - 4/6


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A bit of a late report. A coolish Sunday morning, took some cooked peas down to the harbor to try my luck for some luderick. I only had a short window before needing to get home, so was keen for a hot bite.

I could see the luderick right under my feet but didn't hook up. However, did manage to catch a few undersized bream and trevally on the peas. 

Switched over to prawns and caught a legal trev. 

A massive sting ray came along and scared off most of the fish and that was all she wrote.

The trev was sashimi-ed and I'm ashamed at my butchering skills. Any advice in this department would be great. It still tasted delicious!

Keen for another crack at those luderick soon.


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9 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great reoprt.

Did you put scent on the peas?

Thanks @Rebel I did try some s factor. Some of the peas were being picked off and just the shells were left on the hook. Very timid bites.

@Renegade460 @blaxland @Fried Rice@Yowie thanks for the kind words. The knife is sharp, I think I'm lacking the technique in where to slice. Good tip about the red blood line. I guess I need to catch more fish if I want to practice more 🤣

23 hours ago, Larkin said:

Trevs make good sashimi - super sharp knife esp if the fillets are thin.

Pitty the luds weren’t playing ball

@Larkin pity indeed. Perhaps I need to get the play with the depth.



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