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Derny Driver

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1 hour ago, Fab1 said:

Cyclists on the road should pay rego.That’s all I’m saying.Oh, and stay out of my way unless you want to become a speed hump.😂😂 interesting read.


I know you are only half serious, and I certainly have also been frustrated  (as a car driver) sitting behind a few dozen cyclists through the Royal National Park at midday on a Sunday!

Most serious cyclist try and avoid riding later in the day a get their rides over and done with in the very early hours when it is less of an intrusion for drivers (and for their own safety).

Cycle registration is an interesting proposition. Does it mean that if push-bikes were registered, drivers would then accept them as equals on the road? Probably not, because it doesn't address the underling problem.

The problem is that bicycles are incompatible with cars on the roads, at least in terms of complying with speed limits yet, drivers seems to expect them to play by the same rules.

In sporting terms, that's a bit like putting an under 9's team against a 1st grade NRL team.

If you did, by the way, put an under 9's against a 1st grade team, to level the playing field and make it safe for the under 9's team, you would make the 1st grade team give them a head start, play touch and walk!

The solution, in my opinion, is better cycleways and  to get involved in your local cycle club where experienced riders can guide you in safe riding.

It also wouldn't hurt for a few drivers to do a long bike ride on the road and " walk in the shoes" of a bike rider for a better insight... a bit like how many people who ride motorbikes for the first time get an insight that gives them a new respect for the safety of motorbike riders and change their driving behaviour around bikes accordingly.













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Another story just came to mind that I think you lot would enjoy! @R E G I C Y C L E's mention of a Camelbak M.U.L.E hydration pack in another post jogged my memory.

Years ago, when I was fit, there was a long distance mountain bike race out of Bundanoon called the Highland Fling. I'm sure some of you may have done it. I used to do the 110km option, which took me anything between 6-8 hours, but there was a 160km option for the truly mad or crazy fit. This race, like many, had three separate legs and in between, they gave you fifteen mins to eat, stock up on food/water, deal with mechanicals and get out again.

One time when I rolled into the Wingello stop, I was filling my hydration pack when I heard a fellow rider let out an almighty scowl. Looking up, I see this rider unloading a HUGE ROCK OUT OF HIS BACKPACK! It seemed that he was the fastest rider amongst his group of mates, and they thought it might be funny to play a prank on him. 🤣 This poor bugger had ridden the best part of 30km of singletrack with a rock in his pack! The rock wouldn't have been out of place from a rockery.

Why didn't he notice earlier? Well, with 3L of water, the compulsory spares, first aid and safety equipment, your pack is pretty heavy anyway. He might have written off the heavy feeling pack as him having a bad day.

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