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Port Hacking - winter kayak sesh


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I’ve been having fairly bad luck lately but my last morning kayak sesh was loads of fun. I’ve always been a lurker so sharing a report this time. 

- Trev 45cm 1.1kg - one of the best fights I’ve had on my kayak so far

- 1 pike 

- 1 salmon - I hooked this as another kayaker was rowing past which was pretty funny.

These were on 8 lb braid 8lb leader Zman grub in watermelon 1/12 jig head on a Infeet 1-3 kg rod.

I tried for squid near the marine rescue weed beds and in Doalns bay but had no luck and lots of snags, which I’m told is a good thing?
 - anyone have any tips of where to try for squid on a Kayak in the hacking. I’m still yet to catch one.




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