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Port Stephens 11th November

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Hey Raiders - Spent the weekend in beautiful Port Stephens and had the opportunity to take the kids out fishing! We caught a bag of flatties on plastics with the pink paddle tail was getting all the attention. 

The kids had a blast catching flatties and they outfished me! 

Also landed a small jewie too and got smoked on some kings. A great weekend of fishing and chilling with the family.

Tight lines all!



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12 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Perfect place for a break! 
Nice flatties there. 

Thanks @mrsswordfisherman, thoroughly enjoyable!

11 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

Nice work @kantong. Didn’t realise you had a boat. Bet those kingie smokings would’ve been fun 😎

Thanks @Little_Flatty, it's not my boat! I got smoked by kings on the bream gear, they got me good!

2 hours ago, Larkin said:

Nice flatties Kantong! 
sounds like you had a great getaway with the family.

Thanks @Larkin, we were thankful for the sunny days!

1 hour ago, Yowie said:

Nice feed of flattie fillets to be had.

Not a big jewie, however, any jewie is good to catch. 👍

Thanks @Yowie a yummy feed of fillets for sure! Looking for a bigger jew next time!

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On 11/15/2023 at 8:02 AM, bessell1955 said:

Great catch of Flathead.

Thanks @bessell1955, delicious eating!

On 11/16/2023 at 2:15 PM, Pickles said:

Well done @kantong, lots of sand flats around the bay in Port Stevens - it looks like you nailed ‘em. It’s a great place and some excellent fishing and great to get the kids involved, stuff memories are made of.

Thanks @Pickles, it's been great to get the kids excited about fishing!

On 11/17/2023 at 2:32 PM, jenno64 said:

A weekend away and tight lines for the kids....nice work!

Thanks @jenno64, never a dull moment when fishing with kids!

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