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Botany bay - 21/01/2024

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Yak fishing with my mates yesterday. We launched from Yarra Beach at around 5:30. Condition was really good, 7 knots wind speed, water tempreture's about 23 degree, high tide was 6 a.m. 

We started with bait fishing, and it was on fire, it only took us 10 minutes to collect enough yakkas and slimies for live bait. We were so pumped and confident at that stage, so we immediatly paddled to Molineaux Point with the hope of hooking some kingies... But things started to go south... It was dead quiet after sunrise, there were so many boats there but no one caught anything decent. 

Quite a disappointment but at least we were out there and the workout was highly needed after sitting in the office for 5 days. 

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39 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Better luck next time you get out. Must be great fun hooking a Kingie while fishing from a kayak.


Yes, it is. Last time I hooked a Kingie, it towed me at 4 knots towards a cave... Scared the xxxx out of me... 

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bummer. thats fishin though. when i fish there from the yak i like to drop an anchor and throw out a big burley trail. ive been keen as to get out on the yak but would only do it during the weekdays when boat traffics down.

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Botany bay on 25/01/2024, 5:30 am - 9:00 am.


Tide: 5:30am 1.1m--9:03 am 1.8 (high).

Wind: 6 knots NW.

Moon: Full moon.

Weather: cloudy, 30 degree, water temp 25.


Although Molineaux point today was not as busy as the 21st, it was as quiet, if not quieter. In the 3.5 hrs session, I didn't see any boat catching anything decent, only 1 tiny rat, I reckon under 50cm. But it was not boring, heaps of bait fish and small flatties and octopus to entertain me, thank you buddies! 

Don't know whether the low action is due to full moon, I guess with the moon light, predators can hunt at night and so they are not hungry at daytime.

With 2 donuts in a row, the only upside is my thighs are getting stronger, I didn't feel tired after peddling a 200kg kayak for 4.5km (my kayak is a 2 person tandem, and my dad couldn't peddle due to back pain, so basically 200kg on my legs lol.) Fishing is a good sports indeed.

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